Why should your kid’s jacket be easy to carry around? 

Different types of children's coats have different uses. Lightweight waterproof children’s jackets are ideal for the ever-changing UK weather. Keeping your little ones dry and cool in the warmer months requires kids' jackets that are thin and easy to carry. Kids aren’t always happy to wear a coat so being able to remove it easily and store it away is important. For colder months, thick jackets for kids are less likely to need to come off as regularly. Depending on the age of your children, they may not be able to carry their own coats, toddler kids coats in particular need to be light enough to carry around for when they don’t want to wear one.  

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    Keep your kids dry

    Kids jackets are more than just to keep your kids warm and comfortable. If they get wet then they will feel the cold more, which could make them unwell. Keeping your children dry with the best kids' outerwear will keep them safe. They don’t necessarily need to be expensive, cheap kids' jackets are better than no jacket at all. Another great reason to opt for lightweight waterproof children's jackets, is they can jump around and play in the puddles. Getting covered in mud is a part of growing up, and children’s outdoor coats protect the layers underneath so your kids can play without getting themselves dirty.

    What types of kids’ jackets do Dry Kids offer?

    PU Splash Jackets

    The PU splash Jacket range comes with a removable hood and reflective cuffs to make sure your kids are safe when out Walking. Due to the lightweight nature of these kids’ jackets, they are Packable, and the PU material makes them easy to dry.

    Padded Jackets

    For the Warmest range of children’s coats, you will want Padded Jackets. These are great as Winter Coats as they are some of the warmest kids’ jackets on offer. Kids’ bomber coats are both practical and look cool! Padded body warmers and coats are some of the most stylish jackets for kids.

    Unisex design

    Children's coats can be gendered, or they can be unisex. If you have Girls and Boys and want to get them the same style of kids’ jacket, then unisex coats are the best solution. They can also choose from a range of colours.

    Coats for warm weather

    Just because the UK weather is warm, doesn’t mean it is dry. Summer coats need to be thin but impermeable, such as the PU Splash Jacket. They can also be used as Spring coats, although, you may want something slightly thicker or lined.

    Why use Dry Kids for good quality kids’ jackets?

    With safety and health being at the forefront of our designs; you can get the best quality, that have reflective areas to keep your kids safe, and dry. With a great range of vibrant colours, sizes from age 2 up to age 10, and great price to quality value, you can be confident that you will have the best children's coats that your kids will want to wear!

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