The best way to care for your DRY KIDS items is to rinse them off with cold water and hang them out to dry. This will also help to prevent horrors like mildew from developing if garments are left in dark, airless places whilst damp. A hose and or a bucket are ideal.

Whilst DRY KIDS garments are machine washable (on a cool delicate wash and no washing powder), continued cleaning will affect the taped seams and the waterproof coating of the fabric. Please be sure to check the specific care instructions sewn into each garment for details.

The following points are good practice for all waterproof garments


  • Remove as much surface mud as possible before washing, using a soft brush can help with this.
  • Close all zippers and fastenings before washing, as this can help protect the waterproof coating.
  • Avoid the use of detergents, biological washing powders and fabric conditioners or softeners. Also, bleach and stain removers will cause damage.
  • We do strongly advice the use of Nikwax Tech Wash or alternatively use pure soap flakes.
  • Use a cool wash (max 30°) using a delicate or synthetic wash programme on your machine. Hand washing is preferred, but do not wring or squeeze your garment.
  • Hang your garment to dry away from direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry or iron your garments.
  • Do not allow solvents, insecticides and alcohol based products (such as hairspray) near your garment as this will also damage the waterproof coating.