A short Guide To Children’s winter coats

Time spent outdoors playing, exploring, discovering new things and having adventures is great for kids. With so much modern life spent in front of screens, getting outside has become even more important for our children to help them develop and grow in confidence. It’s good for their mental and physical health and makes for happier kids.

Of course, when they're outdoors it’s important to ensure that they are protected against the elements and are always comfortable. A children’s winter waterproof coats allow kids to stay warm and dry when they’re playing outside all year round. And Dry Kids has the perfect range to keep your kids happy. Let’s explore further.

Keep your children warm and cosy when they’re outdoors

Playing outside shouldn’t just be for the summer months. There are lots of things to discover during autumn and winter as the seasons change. Our range of Kids winter coats enable children to get outdoors for all 12 months of the year.

A great winter coat gives your child protection against the elements and allows them to go outside with confidence. Whether it’s splashing in puddles or playing in the snow, children’s winter coats give your children the freedom to enjoy outdoor activities with their parents, siblings and friends.

Choosing the right winter coat for your child

There are lots of children’s winter coats on the market of varying quality. While some cheap waterproof coats are great for covering up against summer showers, they don’t provide the same degree of warmth and protection against the winter weather.

If you want your child to be able to enjoy playing outdoors all year round then they will need kid's outwear that gives them complete protection. As well as warm and waterproof coats, other accessories such as over trousers give your child all the protection they need to have fun whatever the weather.

As well as providing protection against the cold and wet, any children’s coat needs to allow them to move freely as well as being robust. It shouldn’t be at risk of ripping or snagging on a tree branch or brambles. It should have enough pockets for their belongings such as small toys, or things they have found and collected while they are out. Most importantly, the coat should be made to last.

Combining style with warmth and performance

The best children’s winter coats give all-around protection against the weather, allowing kids to play and explore freely at the same time. With many weather-resistant coats for kids it can seem that how the coats look and its specific style has been totally forgotten about. Children are always alert to how an item of clothing looks, what their friends think of it and whether or not they like how it makes them look. Younger children, in particular, love bright colours, and it’s much easier to get them to wear a coat that they love than one they don’t.

Practical and stylish coats and outerwear from Dry Kids

At Dry Kids, we create hard wearing, practical and colourful coats and outerwear for children. Why not take a look at our range of boys' coats, girls' coats, jackets, sets and accessories for inspiration?

We also have a strong social responsibility code so when you make a purchase from Dry Kids you can be confident that it has been produced safely and fairly by people who are properly rewarded for their work.

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