Set them free

When you buy children’s waterproof clothing you are buying them the freedom to roam. Freedom to splash about, revel in the rain, and muck about in the mud whilst staying warm and dry. Our extensive range of waterproof kids clothing is designed to help you find exactly what you need to get you and your family out there. From the best kid's raincoats to full rainsuits for kids and children's waterproof jackets and trousers sets, whatever the adventure, we’ve got the togs to keep them dry. No matter the weather; enjoy the outdoors, together!

Whether your kids are participating in outdoor activities where they are exposed to the elements or adventuring into water sports, good kit counts. We have brilliant options for children’s waterproof sports jackets and matching waterproof coats and trousers for kids which come in highly visible colours which keeps it fun whilst being safe. You may already have your weatherproof children's jacket and need a set of kid's waterproof trousers to complete the set? Or if there’s been a growth spurt and you find yourself in need of a replacement kids rain coat or pair of children’s raincoats, our site is designed to make your shopping experience simple and hassle free. Many of our sets and co-ordinated waterproof outerwear for children are sold separately so you can creative and buy exactly what you need.

Pouncing in Puddles

Little one’s love to pounce into puddles, climb, run and tumble through the wet and the mud with energy and curiosity. Keeping your kids’ water resistant and weather safe can be tricky work, but it can be really important for their wellbeing and general health. Waterproof children’s outerwear such as kids rain jackets, kids waterproof rainsuits and kids waterproof trousers protect against soaked fabric rubbing against and irritating young and sensitive skin. Waterproof clothing for kids is also so important when it comes to health and wellbeing. Keeping your children warm and comfortable for hours of outdoor play, allows them to express themselves with their developing free spirit and personality.

On a cold day

For the particularly cold winter days, you may want to consider buying a children’s lined waterproof jacket for extra protection from the cold and wet. DryKids offers a fantastic range of children’s waterproof coats available worldwide and we provide brilliant kids waterproof jackets to the UK and Canada. You can be assured that these coats are built for winter!

Why Dry Kids?

Investing in the Dry Kids range is a great move that will keep them on the move. With a huge range of the best kids waterproof clothing in effective, technical fabrics and brightly coloured designs, we have the practical and fun solution to all your children’s waterproof clothing needs. Play outdoors is such a joyful part of childhood and at DryKids we are passionate about our waterproof outerwear for kids that can keep their play spontaneously whatever the weather. Our years of experience, beginning with designing waterproof kids trousers in the UK has expanded so we now sell to customers all over the world.