Children's coats for playgroup and school

If you are looking for high-quality coats and jackets for playgroup and school, take a look at the Dry Kids catalogue today. Dry Kids is one of the leading sources for waterproof kids’ clothing on the market, and we are only happy when we have provided the comfort and warmth that your child is seeking. We are able to offer coats and jackets in a wide range of colours and styles, ensuring a whole host of tastes and preferences are met. More and more parents and carers are choosing Dry Kids over the competition when they require high-quality coats for playgroup and school.

Let them make the most of playtime

The coats that we supply are designed to keep your child protected from the elements so outdoor play sessions can last for longer. You are more than welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about any of the products in our catalogue. We listen very closely to the feedback that we receive from our customers in order to continue offering the high quality that they expect from us. Colours on offer include blue, red, gold, green, raspberry pink, purple, camo green, turquoise and yellow, so there’s an extensive range to choose from.

Durable garments

Kids are often met with challenging weather conditions when attending playgroup and school. The coats that we supply ensure that they are fully equipped to deal with the climate and don’t have to be stuck indoors when they want to explore the wider world. By purchasing coats and jackets of high quality, you can avoid having to replace them quickly and therefore save money. The products that we stock allow kids to get sufficient fresh air and exercise as they play, climb and get wet regardless of the location and weather.

How Dry Kids can help

Our catalogue started with our popular range of over trousers and our all-in-one Rainsuit. It has now expanded to include a wider range of waterproof kids clothing items. We constantly add new colours and styles to our catalogue throughout the year, keeping an eye on modern fashions to ensure the latest clothing trends are reflected in our range. We are proud to be one of the most socially responsible companies in our industry, constantly making checks to ensure the factories that we use share our passion for ethical standards. Spot checks are carried out throughout the year to ensure standards are not breached.

Getting in touch

Why not browse our range today if you are in need of waterproof coats and jackets for kids? If you do wish to speak to us before you make a purchase, you can do this by sending a message to or calling 01295 768903. You can also reach us by using the contact form on our site.