29 Oct

Bonfire Delights

The snap and crackle of Bonfire night brings out the kid in all of us and one of the delights of being a parent for us was watching our own children’s cheeks warm to the open flame of the bonfire and eyes light up in anticipation of the burst of fireworks across the night sky.

These dark nights and our children’s eagerness to race out of the door to explore the sights and sounds of November 5th celebrations were the reason it was so important to us that all our Dry Kids gear includes reflective stripes.

The reflective stripes on our kids outdoor clothing adorn ankles, arms, fronts and backs! Even our super warm black padded jacket has reflective details, so older kids who might not want to hold mum and dad’s hand anymore can’t be missed in the melee of crowded village greens, toffee apples and hot dogs. 

If it’s a wet one, dress head to toe in our All-In-One – big enough to reach around cosy jumpers, with a capped integral hood to keep noses dry.

Of course, with every Bonfire Night, the most important message is to stay safe away from open flames and we can’t support that more. But we are proud that in our gear, kids of all ages will be seen.