24 Jan

Winter Welly Fashion

No-one ever said jumping in muddy puddles is dull. And it certainly isn’t when wearing one of our brightly coloured Dry Kids Splash Suits and a pair of bright Start-Rite wellies. We have just collaborated with Start-Rite to shoes on Instagram and it has inspired us to write a blog dedicated to wellies!

We’ve investigated the top questions when it comes to children’s wellies and answered them below. Hope this is useful for when creating your perfect muddy outdoors outfits.

Are wellies fashionable?

Starting with this as it’s an interesting subject! Children love the outdoors, feeling free and getting messy. Most adult welly brands are fit for purpose in muted colours to suit the job at hand – protecting feet from mud. But we think kid’s wellies can be wild like their imaginations. The latest range from Start-Rite comes in bright yellows and with designs from sharks, to flowers to ghouls. A perfect match for our statement brightly coloured outdoors gear and a lot more fun to wear for inquisitive little minds.

Are wellies waterproof?

A good pair of wellies will be designed to protect foot development and protect from the elements. Look for a well-known, trusted children’s shoe brand and you won’t regret it. These brands provide additional added value elements such as elasticated tops to keep moisture out, a flexible sole to allow for unrestricted and natural movement of the foot and a heel kick for easy removal.

Can wellies be recycled?

Most wellies are made from biodegradable, natural rubber but the very best way to dispose of your wellies is to recycle them. There are some fantastic recycle schemes for all shoe types. Look out for council lead community recycle bins or Shoe Aid boxes in your local shoe retailer store. 

Are wellies suitable for snow?

Wellies are made for cold, wet snowy conditions! But yes, icy conditions can make pavements, paths and driveways incredibly slippery so the structure and materials used in the sole are important. Look for brands that design wellies with lightweight and robust flexible soles that support natural movement but importantly won’t degrade and crack or allow stones to penetrate.

Are wellies made big?

If you buy wellies from a reputable children’s  brand then the inside of the boot will be designed for the shape of the child’s foot and sized correctly – many children’s shoes are created with extra room to allow for growth spurts. Some parents take into account thick socks so buy a larger size but foot experts advise always buying the correct size for the child to ensure the suitable support and a footbed designed for the age and stage of the child.  


Combine a pair of funky wellies with our brightly coloured PU Splash Over Trousers which include an elastic ankle strap that can be worn either inside or outside of wellies to prevent the trouser legs from riding up. Designed to let little legs feel free to explore the outsides warm and dry.


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