26 Mar


With Easter just round the corner, and the children on half term, you might be stuck for ideas on Easter activities. But, have no fear, we have put together a list of top activities that are eggstra fun for both the children and you!

1.       Make an Easter Wreath

This is a fun activity for all to enjoy! Simply grab yourself a fir wire wreath and get gluing. Try attaching some fun painted plastic eggs to show off your Easter spirit. You could even consider adding some stuffed bunnies around the wreath for extra decoration. This is the perfect holiday decoration to display on your front door!

2.       Hold an Easter Egg Hunt

This is the perfect activity for the Easter holiday! Whether you hold your Easter egg hunt indoors or outside, it is sure to bring out the laughter in your home. Hide the chocolate or plastic eggs around your house and garden and let your little ones find them.

3.       Bake Easter Treats

One of the best pastimes to spend with your children is baking. Why not try your hand at making some Easter themed cookies? For added fun you can decorate them using brightly colour icing sugar. If cookies don’t take your fancy, you can also try making chocolate nests!

4.       Hold an Egg Race

All you need for this is spoons, eggs and participants. Set out your predetermined course and let the race begin! The winner will be whoever reaches the finish line first with their egg on their spoon. Why not make it more fun? Hard boil the eggs and let the children decorate them with paint!

5.       Head Out For a Cycle

Dependant on weather, pop on your helmets and hop on your bikes! Go out and enjoy your favourite routes! Make sure you keep an eye out for the Easter Bunny!

6.       Go on a Scavenger Hunt

A much-loved activity in any household! Enjoy an Easter themed scavenger hunt and off you go. Hide a range of Easter themed clues for your little ones to find, leading them to the big prize at the end.

7.       Have Fun!

Any type of holiday should be all about having fun! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the Easter holiday with your family!

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