25 Nov

Playing Outdoors in Winter

Why is it that children seemingly never feel the cold? Rain or shine, the outdoors is a feast for their senses, imagination and physical wellbeing. It’s such a drag when mum or dad stops you from running out of the door in a t-shirt and bare feet during November!

Of course, we encourage outdoor play at all times of the year. We understand the link between fresh air and exercise for our children’s health, but what type of play children are experiencing while outdoors?

We found the research undertaken by leading scooter brand Micro Scooters very interesting. They worked with, Brytespark a team of biomechanists and experts in child development, who revealed that the more exposure young children have to an array of movement challenges, confidently developing balance and co-ordination skills, the more likely they will build up a confidence in their natural ability. As they grow, this confidence builds and can contribute to becoming a more able person across many other aspects of their life – physically, academically and emotionally.

 It’s fascinating stuff. 

Micro Scooters have a microsite explaining the theory and the research. It also includes some great games you can play outdoors in winter to support a child’s development. From early years through to older pre-schoolers. Check them out at Micro Scooter Play for Life.

Of course, make sure that little ones are wrapped up safe and snug in our outdoor gear before heading outside – if you can catch them that is! 

Our PU coated rainset is tested waterproof to 7,000mm of hydrostatic head – aka VERY waterproof! The base fabric is made from recycled plastics and the seams are heat sealed for a tighter bond to ensure there is no leakage. The full length zip is hidden under a storm flap, fastened with poppers for extra protection from the rain. The removable hood has a peak to keep rain drops away from little eyes and there is plenty of room built in underneath for layering during the colder months.

We hope you can enjoy the winter months outside as much as we do.