26 Oct

Half Term Fun for Active Kids

October half term is such an exciting time for kids. Golden leaves abound and crunch underfoot, the low sunlight makes for longer shadows, the clocks change, plunging us into longer nights which demand cosy snuggles and hot chocolate drinks topped with marshmallows. Halloween brings an excuse for ‘spooktacular’ dressing-up and sampling the delights of apple bobbing, while bonfires warm our cheeks, light up our eyes and spark our imagination.

Quite possibly late October half term was only created for children to enjoy the very simplest of pleasures the Autumn season has to offer.

As if you need us to give you any ideas for half term activities... But it’s such a special time for year, we can’t resist sharing our top five:

  1. Make leaf angels. Lie in leaves and flap your arms and legs. Like the ones you make in snow, but with leaves, less wet, a lot more hilarious (and potentially with more spiders)
  2. Laugh at your gangly tall stick man in the long late afternoon shadows. Lift your foot to reveal platform shoes and step out to the side to make giant steps.
  3. Enjoy the Autumn sun wearing bright clothes! Fashion and the darker seasons demand adults wear dark clothes, but it makes seeing each other so much harder as the light fades in late afternoon. Keep dressing your kids in outerwear all the colours of the rainbow so you can rest assured they are easily visible. Choose from our collection of Dry Kids rain jackets and overtrousers, or for older kids, Dry Kids padded jackets with neon reflected details.
  4. Take an early evening stroll, the smells and sounds of nature in Autumn will live long in early memories. Consider wearing a Dry Kids hi viz vest, especially in villages where street lights aren’t in adundance and the light can drop dramatically. Always ensure little ones are highly visible to passing traffic.
  5. Scrump for Autumnal fruits. The last of the apple harvest, conkers from the Horse Chestnut and pumpkin farms are now a firm fixture in the calendar! We have so many traditional recipes, traditions and recipes from this season’s fruit that will set young imaginations alight.