26 Oct

Five Essential Forest Schools Kit for Autumn Term

Most parents will know the benefits of Forest Schools as many early years settings and primary schools encourage outdoor learning.

Learning in nature is said to build resilience and feelings of empowerment, improve a child’s confidence, communication and self-esteem. Exploring unchartered experiences enables a child to assess a situation and learn how to take appropriate risks. Not to mention the clear health benefits from spending more time outdoors in the fresh air, it’s hard to find fault in Forest Schools.

As the weather changes, parents will be receiving the usual calls for all weather gear coming into school to protect their child while exploring outside.

These are our top five items for any kit bag:

  1. Wear bright colours! Not only for the clear visual benefits but because as the Great British weather takes a turn, colour is certain to lift the spirits and spark the imagination of little explorers
  2. Wellies with ‘handles’ – an excellent innovation to children’s outdoor attire in our opinion. Gives little hands and wobbly legs the confidence to more easily step in and stride outdoors
  3. For little hands, finger gloves are a pest that are tricky to get comfy. Mittens might make stick collection more challenging, but the time you save quickly popping a mitten on can be time spent enjoying all the benefits outdoors.
  4. Waterproof all-in-one ‘onesies’ – not only quicker for little ones to get in and out of but less kit to label, lose and rummage for in lost property!
  5. Price – not a piece of kit granted, but a key consideration for parents shipping kit in and out of childcare. You’ll need strong quality gear that won’t break the bank when it gets lost or needs repairing.

So that’s it. Our top five essentials for Forest School kit that’ll keep your kids happy playing and learning outside throughout the seasons.