22 Mar


With Easter right round the corner, why not hop to it and get the kids active during the school holidays? Simply hiding the eggs really, really far away from one another isn’t enough! Here are some other ways you can add some active fun into your Easter:


Egg Rolling

Move over cheese rolling and the crispy Chinese appetizer, this is a different kind of egg roll! This is an Easter tradition like no other and is so simple to do. Start by boiling your eggs (1 egg per participant should do), then decorate them once they’re nice and solid. Make sure each design is different so everyone knows whose is whose. Once everyone is finished and happy with their design, it’s time to head on down to the park to go on a hunt for the biggest hill you can find, perhaps not like Cooper Hill though. Once located, it is time to start the fun and games. From the top of the hill, players take turns to roll their eggs down, and the egg that travels the furthest wins. Why not add and invent rules as you go, you could incorporate lots of running and rolling up and down the hill!


Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Your classic Easter egg hunt involves searching for eggs that are already filled with goodies, but have you ever heard of the reverse Easter egg hunt? In this game, you have to find things to fill your eggs with. All you need for this is a nice day and a dozen or so empty plastic Easter eggs (don’t worry if you don’t have any, you can use anything!). Set your kids a time and any other rules you would like and see what they find!


Plastic Egg Toss

 If you have any plastic eggs and containers, water bottles or even buckets lying around the house, then the plastic egg toss is a great way to get your child throwing and aiming. Find an open space free of obstacles and set up your targets, mark the spot where the egg thrower should stand and you’re good to go! If you want you could make it more fun by keeping score, give each target a different value and see who can score the highest. If you want to make the game easier or more challenging then you can always more the tossing line closer to or further away from the targets.


Leapfrog/Bunny Game

 Leapfrog is always a fun family game. But you can make it perfect for Easter by playing as bunnies instead of frogs! Introduce some chocolatey prizes and treats to really make this a special Easter game.


Obstacle Course/Relay Race

 You could always set up a simple obstacle course in your back garden and give it a fun Easter theme. Make sure there is lots of hopping, eggs on spoons and egg throwing and catching!


And there we have it, you’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from your active Easter! Make sure your little ones are kept dry whilst having fun outdoors with our kids waterproof jackets. Also, ensure their little feet are warm and dry whilst on their hunts with our childrens wellies.