18 Jan


They say that a fit family is a happy family and as New Year passes us by, isn’t it time to put that popular cliché to the test? You see, once the Christmas decorations have been packed away and it’s time to get our kids ready for school once more, there is nothing as beneficial as encouraging them to get fit once more. With all the negative news about obesity and sugary foods seemingly on the rise, taking part in outdoor sports is surely your one-stop solution for all of the family!

Free and fun!

The beauty of getting your kids involved in an outdoor sport is the fact that these are usually free and have so many varieties available. Perhaps you can pique their interest in some off-road cycling activities over the weekend? Pack up the whole family for a few days of two-wheeled fun but remember to equip yourselves with plenty of safety gear and that includes the obligatory high-visibility outer layers. Or maybe some outdoor running appeals more because you really can do this exciting and healthy sport every single day of the year. The more that you experience an outdoor sport with your kids, the more likely they are to become less inclined to waste their hours on the internet or watching television.

Dry Kids

Here at Dry Kids we really understand how vital it is to encourage your kids to take part in regular exercise. Okay, the British climate may not always be on our side but as long as you invest in some proper clothing, you’ll always be coming back for more. We have some awesome waterproof all in one clothing items for your kids and they come in a variety of attractive colours and styles. For those early mornings and evenings, why not take a look at Dry Kids’ High Visibility Vests for your children’s convenience and safety? 

Summer may be a distant glint on the horizon at the moment but that is no excuse to shy away from some bracing and thoroughly worthwhile outdoor sports with your kids. Just remember that Dry Kids are here to help and you’ll soon be having the best family fun possible!