06 Nov


It’s only a short time until families all over the UK will be enjoying Bonfire Night in all its glory! But please remember that the weather may have ideas of its own so let’s wrap up warm and dry for this awesome spectacle that never seems to get old!

Warm and Dry

Not only is the weather rather chilly at this time of year, those November showers are no laughing matter either. Here at Dry Kids, we take the weather conditions very seriously and we have some excellent kids waterproof clothing solutions that your children are bound to enjoy. Why not check our website and our huge selection of Dry Kids all in one kid’swaterproof outfits? They come in a wide array of colours and each of them is waterproof fabric tested to 3000mm of hydrostatic head.

Stylish and Comfortable

Perhaps your kids would like to try on our excellent Dry Kids Jacket & Trouser Set on for size? We have them in red, green, royal blue and raspberry pink! These 100% polyester wet weather garments have elasticated waistbands and handy Poppas at the ankles to keep your kids lovely and dry in a comfortable way that they will love. We supply these in a variety of sizes and these are bound to add some comfort to the excitement that Bonfire Night always brings to the family table.

Enjoy those fireworks at a safe distance

Please remember to stay close to your little ones before, during and after the fireworks do their thing because safety should always be first. Try to ensure your kids have at least one extra layer of clothing under our Dry Kids waterproof products to maintain their body heat throughout the evening. We’d also like to recommend our lovely range of Thinsulate Beanie hats to keep your little ones warm whatever time of day it is. Almost 45% of our body heat is lost through our heads so why take the risk?

Here at Dry Kids we really hope that you and your family have the best bonfire night ever and we’d be delighted to help you all stay nice and dry all year around. Please take a look at our kids waterproof clothing products and we hope to see you soon!