12 May


On the 15th – 19th May, all children are invited to take part in “National Walk to School Week”, a specially organised week where we celebrate the benefits of walking and introduce it to our children. Currently, we’re facing a steep decline in the number of kids walking to school, with less than half of primary school students walking their way to the school gates. We want to boost those numbers sky high, so come and join over a million pupils and their families to celebrate walking to school.

Livingstreets is offering a Walk to School Challenge Pack to encourage pupils to head out on their walking journey. Every day, activities and games are set to introduce children to various elements of the environment, while also giving them the benefits of a daily walk to school. They’re also raising money for their important walking projects with the Happy Shoesday fundraising event. Primary Schools can also take part in the Strider’s Walk in the Wild challenge, a five day walking event which focuses on a different animal from across the world every day, with activities to explore and observe their natural habitats.

When your kids are out walking about, you’ll want to know they’re as safe and as visible as possible. Walking has so many great benefits, but you should also be mindful of any potential dangers. Make sure your kids are always kept in sight with the Dry Kids High Visibility Vest. From only £5.45, you can ensure that your little ones can be safe and sound out on their way to school with a visibility vest seen from all the way down the road. They’re available in a variety of sizes and colours, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Dry Kids.