16 Feb


On Saturday, February 18th, Standen House and Garden will open their doors to a children’s nature trail. Kids get to explore the garden in search of examples all the materials that were once used in the building of Standen House itself, with a prize at the end. This is a great chance for the kids to get out and see a very unique piece of West Sussex and its beautiful 12-acre garden, overlooking the Ashdown Forest, with the nearby Standen Wood open to the public most of the year.

However, February is known as the coldest month on average. As fun as it can be to run around the gardens and get in touch with the outdoors, there’s always the threat of rain and winds to keep in mind. Keeping warm and dry on these winding nature trails is very important, and if you’re looking for the comfiest and best priced rain and outdoors clothing around, then Dry Kids is here to help.

Prepare for the mud and puddles with a set of Dry Kids Classic Wellie Boots, perfect for the forest paths and garden grass. Thanks to their waterproof rubber outer and their special grip tread, they keep your little ones feet dry by keeping the puddles out. Look into our Waterproof Jackets for full body protection from the wind and rain. With a great price and the best quality, your kids can run around full pelt, with no need to worry about the mud or the wet. Grab your kids a Dry Kids Beanie or Bobble Hat to make sure they don’t spend their day shivering in their socks. As long as your kid is ready to deal with the weather, you can be sure they’ll have a fantastic time out there in the gardens, or on any nature trail that they’re able to head off it this year.