28 Feb


On the 2nd March 2017, kids all over the UK will be taking part in World Book Day. Now on its 20th year, the World Book Day is a celebration of all things books; writing them, reading them, wearing them on your head, it’s a day of loudly and happily appreciating the wonder of books. That World Book Day takes place just as Spring starts which is a stroke of luck, because there’s nothing like sitting outside with your favourite book. The sunlight coming down, the birds singing, the rain splashing on your pages. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

As close as we’re getting to that warm Spring sunshine, the weather can still be very temperamental, as Storm Doris proved only recently. Before you can settle in for a comfy read outside, your kids will have to prepare for adventures in the windy weather and rain. Get your kids ready for taking on the rain with some of Dry Kid’s quality wind and rain clothing.

Dry Kids sells the best waterproof clothes to handle the sudden turns of the weather. When the rain and wind is a bit much, just put the Dry Kids Waterproof Jacket on your child and they’ll be taking it head on. Of course, the true terror of rain is the nasty puddles and ruined socks that come with them. The Dry Kids Classic Wellie Boots can make short work of even the biggest puddles, which is a load of your mind when your kids decide to go stomping around on one.

World Book Day is made for enjoying the wonder of books, reading about the massive adventures and exciting tales within the pages. But don’t forget to let your kids get outside and make some adventures of their own. Be prepared for any turn of the weather with Dry Kids, and get out there and make some stories of your own.

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