23 Oct


Now that term time is back in full swing after a busy summer holiday, you’ll no doubt be looking for a suitable waterproof that you child can take to school with them. Here at DryKids, we provide a wide range of kid’s waterproofs that will keep your kids dry at school, as well as other clothing options that may be useful during term time. In this post we want to focus on our range of kids jackets, as these are something that your kids will love to wear, and will be able to wear at school.

Our first choice of DryKids clothing that we think would be great for school is the Dry Kids navy blue waterproof jacket. This jacket is perfect for school time as it can be easily packed away, ensuring that this jacket can be kept in your child’s backpack or bag when it’s not being used. While we do provide this jacket in the classic Navy Blue colour, we also provide this jacket in a range of other colours ranging from raspberry pink, green, red and more. As an added bonus, our DryKids range of jackets are high quality and affordable, at just £12.95.

While we recognise that one of our most popular items of clothing is the DryKids waterproof jacket, we also feel that our range of DryKids Beanie Hats could be a great option for keeping your kids warm at school, as the days get colder. Our beanie hats come in a range of different styles and colours, from a lilac and green stripe design, to a purple flower hat. We’re sure that your kids will love our range of hats to choose from.  Here at DryKids we also offer drawstring bags, which could be useful as a bag for the kids to take to school.