21 Jul


Summer is the best time to get out and about and enjoy the warm weather. If you’re stuck on how to keep the kids entertained the National Trust have put together a list of 50 things to do before your kids are 11 ¾, and we have chosen some of the best to help keep your little ones engaged and active all summer:

Build A Den
Be creative, and build a den to hideaway in. Whether it be out of sticks and twigs in the woods, or cardboard boxes, blankets and cushions in your front room, dens can provide hours of fun for children and adults alike.

Run Around In The Rain

Make the most of the rainy weather by making it fun. Grab some wellies and waterproof kids jackets and splash around in those puddles. Drykids have a brilliant selection of waterproof clothing for children in fabulous colours.

Go Camping
Whether it be a weekend away from home or in your back garden, camping is a really fun way to get outdoors in the fresh air with nature. Get the barbeque going, roast some marshmallows, go for walks around the fields and sleep under the stars. Camping is an experience to be shared in the summer.

Have A Picnic
Pack all your favourite summer foods into a bag and you’re off. Choose a good spot to sit, perhaps by a river or lake, pop your blanket down and tuck in! Eating outdoors is always so much more exciting, mind out for the insects though!

Grow Your Own
Strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, apples and herbs always taste better when you’ve grown them yourself. Get the kids involved with the caring of the plants and teach give them a green thumb early. You could even be creative and decorate small plant pots to grow them in, or perhaps build a vegetable patch together in the garden. This activity takes time, but the benefits of having homegrown food is well worth the wait, and it may even get the kids eager to eat some fresh fruit.