14 Jun


Festival season is the pinnacle of British summertime. Laden with loud music, fun activities and scrumptious food vans, they are the perfect getaway not only for teenagers and young adults but for families too. Although it may seem daunting, taking children to festivals can be a fantastic experience- one that they will surely treasure for years to come.

It’s important to accept that British ‘Summer’ will appear- the torrential rain showers followed by quick spurts of sunshine! Festivals are all about being in the great outdoors and embracing the weather, so investing in some practical outdoor clothing is essential. Dry Kids specialise in providing high quality outdoor wear such as kids waterproof jackets, to ensure the great British weather is embraced in style! They even fold away into their own little bag so you won’t be lumbered with carrying heavy coats when, or if, the sun does appear.

When it comes to festival style, nothing says festival go-er more than a pair of great wellies. Comfortable and practical, be prepared for the mud baths that will inevitably appear everywhere you go, particularly if you are there for a few days. Get the kids having fun, getting muddy in a pair of Dry Kids children’s wellies- that’s what it’s all about!

If you’re camping, be sure that you have checked where the family camping is, and if you need to book it. If you can’t book, get there in plenty of time to secure a great spot. Make sure you have an action plan of what you want to see and do whilst you’re there to avoid any arguments and time wasting.

You can get the kids being creative, by making flags and lanterns to decorate your camping spot (this also makes it easier to find when you’re making your way back in the dark), and encourages them to help with the setting up of camp.

Be mentally prepared also. Create a build up a few weeks before the festival, get the kids listening to some of the bands that you’ll see there, show them videos on YouTube of previous years to get them excited and aware of the preparation that goes into these huge events. If you live locally, go for walks around the fields it will be held in and get them to imagine where everything will be on the day.

Most importantly, have fun together as a family. Dance all day, eat plenty of ice cream and get involved with everything that’s happening around you- there will be plenty going on for people of all ages to enjoy.