28 Oct


Just when we thought that the UK would be transitioning to Barbados-like temperatures due to last year’s wildly mild winter, we’re struck again by icy, bleak spells reports Express.So it’s that time of year to invest in some children’s waterproof clothing to keep those sniffles at bay and let the kiddos enjoy the winter season outside- perhaps making a snowman isn’t such a far-fetched dream this year!

Experts are saying it, the studies have proved it, the newspapers are writing about it- yep, the big freeze is on its way to the UK in December until February and therefore it’s super important to keep your little ones warm, cosy and dry as temperatures plummet and the sun-filled summer becomes a distant memory. 

It’s not all frightening and frosty news! It’s been said that November will be even milder this year. Bad news, though, due to a stronger La Nina effect this year according to Ibtimes,Britain is in for a chilly ride this winter and even the autumn is forecasted to be wet and windy.Experts say the temperatures will drop drastically even predicting a wonderful white Christmas .

But us Brits are born to battle these biting blizzards,however, how can we not let it stop us and our tireless toddlers from enjoying the festive and beautiful season?

There’s nothing worse when the kids begin to get runny noses and sore throats due to the harsh weather because when they lose sleep, so do we! So getting some your children some waterproof clothing is priority number 1. 

It can be hard deciding which children’s waterproof clothing are the best so you can get the most out of your money and your kids can get the most of the winter. So we have some top tips for you!

Firstly, the material is key and for extremely cold weather, fleece and insulated material is your best bet for keeping warm and snug.

Secondly, you need to make sure their trousers and coat are waterproof as the winter is set to be damp and also kids love to hurl themselves in the snow or puddles. Waterproof clothing will ensure they keep dry eliminating the risk of them getting the shivers or that terrible tickly cough. Getting an outfit with these two vital features will guarantee less money spent on cold-curing lotions and potions, trips to the doctor’s practice and more happy healthy little ones.

When buying children’s waterproof clothing, checking if the garment is made for layering underneath is essential. If there is room to fit other layers underneath it’s a keeper as it allows your child to stay super warm but also be able to move comfortably and flexibly.

Having a hood is a must as we lose 40-45% body heat through our head. Yep, you read that correctly! Zips are better than buttons as they’re quick and easy. An all in one garment is great for children as they remain flexible and no skin can get exposed, have a look at this cosy all-in-one winter outfit here.