14 Dec


It’s easy to think more about your kids being warm rather than being dry and often parents tend to forget about waterproof trousers for their children in this cold and wet season.

Keeping your children dry with over trousers is tremendously important when your little ones are playing outside! Staying dry will ensure they stay warm and snug so investing in some children’s waterproof trousers should be number one on your winter to-do list!

Why do they need waterproof trousers? It’s so important to keep your kiddies active this winter instead of staying inside glued to the computer screen or permanently attached to their iPads. Getting some children’s waterproof trousers will put you on track to have a dry and worry-free winter filled with plenty of activities.

What better way to enjoy the winter and wean your kids off their gadgets than getting some fresh (yes, cold) air and get some well-needed exercise?

The Best Outdoor Activities This Season!

Ice-skating: Ice-skating is a fantastic way to get your kids out the house, practicing a new skill and getting their little hearts racing. There are many places this time of year to take them and children always enjoy the terrific and magical fun!

Waterproofs are essential whenice-skatingto keep them dry after slipping on the ice.

Blowing bubbles: And you thought blowing bubbles was only for summer! Blowing bubbles at the park or in the garden is awesome in the winter as you can watch them freeze and sparkle. This is really entertaining for little ones and can be a great party game!

Tag with Torches: Yes those nights are grim and dark but that’s no reason to stay huddled inside. Grab your torches and play tag or IT with the added challenge of running about in the dark.

This makes the dull, gloomy nights blow over quickly and gets your tireless youngsters fit and healthy, plus all sleepy for bedtime. Waterproof clothing is obviously important for this game as they will be out in the damp and chilly weather. So save yourself a night of listening to your kids sniffling by getting somewaterproof trousers.

Playing the snow: Snow is getting more scarce in some places, but if you’re lucky enough to get some, don’t let it melt by. Encourage your kids to get out and go sledding, make a snowman or have a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Playing in the snow means getting extremely wet so keeping your toddlers warm is a must. Keep reading to find out what to look for in waterproof clothing!

Skiing/snowboarding- Why not plan a holiday to a snowy place and get your kids to learn an adrenalin-filled sport? It’s also tremendously fun for the entire family.

Walking around the city- Okay, this may seem a bit obvious but as the Christmas lights and decorations are being put up and staying up for longer as each year goes by. So it means we have more time to appreciate their splendour and joyfulness. Take regularly walks around your city or others nearby to enjoy the festive lights and events.

What To Look Out For When Getting Children’s Waterproof Trousers

So now you have all your activities, how do we keep those playful little people nice and cosy yet super active in the winter?

Waterproof trousers for children and waterproof dungarees are a must-have. Here are some things to look out for when buying the perfect pair to stop your children from feeling cold, protecting their fragile immune systems and preventing them from picking up nasty illnesses.

The Dry Kids waterproof clothing line is one of the best as they have active kids clearly in mind when making the garments. Their waterproof trousers for both girls and boys have an elastic waist to keep your child comfortable, they have poppers at the ankles enabling children to wear wellies or other shoes and are tested to be completely waterproof!

Also, these children’s over trousers are perfect for wearing a layer of clothing underneath as they’re baggy allowing your precious infants to enjoy maximum comfort and flexibility.

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